Caleb Fincher is a composer and producer based in Birmingham, Alabama. Saved by the work of Jesus on the cross, Caleb has been actively serving in worship ministry and the local church for the past decade. He serves in his home church as a keyboardist, and frequently travels across the southeast to lead at various worship conferences and student retreats.

One of Caleb’s greatest passions is being able to produce tracks that will help equip worship leaders with the tools to maximize their worship experience and sound. He began producing worship tracks for Loop Community back in 2013, and today his tracks are being utilized in dozens of churches every week.

More recently, Caleb has been composing and producing music for media content in the music licensing industry. He aims to create music that is simple and subtle, yet full of depth and emotion.

His music is unobtrusive and mellow, yet highly captivating and conveying a strong sense of depth and significance, making it ideal for those productions with a touching, heartfelt story to tell.
— Music Vine

Caleb graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in finance, and he now resides in Birmingham, Alabama. Apart from worship and music production, Caleb is also hired to play piano for a number of weddings each year.

If you are wanting Caleb to play for your wedding, help lead at a worship event, or you are in need of original compositions for film, please visit the contact page.